Brian Chamberlain

Web Design & Development


I love web design and development! For the past 6 years, I have specialized in creating WordPress based websites. Contact me today for your E-Commerce, Blog, or other web projects.


Brian is skilled, quick, and creative, with a strong sense of design. His communication skills are outstanding, so we almost always had complete understanding while we discussed implementation ideas. He goes the extra mile in finding solutions and discovering new ways to make the site work well. He added plug-ins and customized where appropriate, while paying attention to long term ease of update and maintenance. He’s taught me a lot along the way. Brian expertly walks that fine line of paying attention to deadlines while also recommending strong functionality and design ideas. As a bonus he’s got a great sense of humor, and enjoys his (and my) work. Dorothy Chatham

Director of Marketing & Business Development, University of Rhode Island Research Foundation

I’m extremely satisfied by Brian’s work. He understood the goals right away and was very flexible all along to make sure that the deliverables were in line with our customer’s expectation. Brian is a true WordPress pro. He knows how to get the most from WordPress without having to customize everything. Our project was pretty large and complex but he could manage to get it to work without having to write any custom PHP code. He was also very committed and helped us to support the customer whenever it was needed. Nicolas de Moreau

Co-Founder, Bloomdesk

Brian was awesome. It’s hard to find someone both skilled and flexible, but Brian was exactly that. What started as a somewhat open-ended project on my side quickly became well-defined and in progress thanks to Brian. I would recommend him to anyone! Nathan Burke

Director of Marketing, MineralTree — The Business Payments Company

Went FAR above and beyond and did a PERFECT job. If you want to see what he did, I’m happy to show you. It’s that good. Hire him NOW. Delfin Paris

Recruiting Director, Kale Realty


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